"Runtime Map Maker 3D"is a plugin for custom building maps during Unity runtime. It allows your game to have the function of customizing the map at runtime, and helps players develop their inspiration in your game.

The plug-in has a highly configurable plot size and construction prefabricated units. Through the RMM3D settings window, you can easily convert your prefab into RMM3D prefabricated units.

Note that the script object of the plugin is currently managed by Zenject dependency injection. If you are not familiar with dependency injection, please refer to Zenject. Of course dependency injection does not affect the coding of your main game.

You can find the free version of this project on Github



  • Snapping from the 3D grid

  • Brush placement

  • Area Selection

  • Move selected

  • Brush Deletion

  • Area Deletion

  • Save/Load

  • Undo/Redo all of actions

  • Auto generate UnitBlock preview image


UnitBlock: The prefab units you edit/build in RMM3D at unity runtime.

SourcePrefab: The source prefab/FBX you want to convert to UnitBlock.

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